Contracts-the lack or availiability thereof for artists

Today one had to prepare a contract between two artists, boy it was not an easy task I tell. I realized that there is a lack of readily available contracts for fine artists. I am not one to give up easily but in this regard it took a lot out of me hence the need to say my bit. Shoo artists are in a dog eat dog  world with ruthless people who take advantage of them. They are taken for a ride by people who want to pay less for artist’s original work. Their rights are violated. This makes me wonder what other challenges do they have? How can one bridge the gap in assisting them? The much publicized fallout between Generations actors and the writer sort of got me thinking about artist rights. How do we treat them, are they employees with benefits, contract employees with no benefits just like temps or independent contractors? I always believed artists work differently to normal 9 to 5 workers. I believe they are disciplined even though like any human beings they are bound to misbehave, most are hard workers though they may seem lazy cos we are not in touch with their world. I salute of them cos it takes sum guts to choose the artist root. I know that when some of them were asked by their parents what do they want to be when they grow up when they mentioned the fine artist they were asked what does it entails, they would explain rather excitedly only to be disappointed when asked haven’t they drawn enough when they were at school however we have to understand that parents, grandparents are concerned that they may be wasting time drawing. I also was once cynical to performing artist in particular DANCERS. I would look at them dancing and think out loud “and they will tell you that they are tired, from what jumping around like that?”. Lazy buggers. They want to see their children prosper in life you know marriage, kids, houses and cars.  Well life is full of surprises I tell you. People find employment in the art industry as it is vast and has a lot of opportunities both skilled and unskilled. Yep it does provide food on the table for people who initially had nothing to do with art or never thought this industry will provide anything to them. Everybody has a bit of a share in the art industry. I salute you ARTISTS keep on grinding the stone. MUCH RESPECT.

artwork done by Rethabile Irene Ndhlovu

Artwork done by Rethabile Irene Ndhlovu


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