Standard to high

When you look at yourself do you see an entrepreneur?  I’m confused.

What is an entrepreneur? In my world is someone who has guts, self-stater and some who is not afraid to start something afresh and new. What do you call yourself? You need to be able to tackle challenges head on, no need for an easy route though.

By doing what you are do you think that you are grabbing half an opportunity presented to you. Did you consider the risk factors involved in what you are doing? How are you going to compete with the big boys already in the league? Yep I do understand that you want to build something for yourself however you need to at least do some research in your chosen field. I do understand that it is a very competitive world out there however be smart as well cos what you are doing its a disgrace to fellow human being.

What will the people say if something goes wrong? You want to prove to them but I bet you they will be disappointed when they hear that all your efforts were in vain. I know the world is unfair however you also don’t need to be a dirty player.

Big players create barriers to entry however looking at it positively it gives an opportunity to identify a gap in the market perhaps compete with them on another level. Give them a run for their money however you choose to be humiliated in the long run. Why do you use shortcuts?

Insider info has its own advantages however the disadvantages are far more to bear, they will cripple you and your reputation. How do you expect people to take you seriously as a reputable entrepreneur? I really don’t understand how do you expect to survive in the competitive sphere of the business that you are in.

Please take a step back and retake everything that you are doing. People outside are industrious very serious about their future I wonder about you.

Read your contract fully and do research around them. I know that it is what you know best but you are not willing to try some avenues still want to be stuck with the same devil. Just one thing though don’t call yourself an entrepreneur.


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