A trip to the zoo

I was advised to go to the zoo by shop assistant.

By the way it was a art and craft shop mind you.

How could they give my daughter such a school project, understanding that they are far from the zoo itself?

I don’t really understand I think teachers before giving students projects they must consider that efforts put into the school projects. They’ll complain about our kids and us not making an effort but they are also to be blamed.

My daughter then an aspiring artist was still at school summoned my help in acquiring feathers for her school project. Ag it never seemed an extra ordinary effort just to get feathers. We have art and craft store in the mall near my workplace, I’ll just pop in and buy them.

My lunch break I rushed over to look feathers. The assistant looked bewildered by my request. She didn’t even stand up from her chair she just said ” Mam just go to the zoo u’ll get feathers there”.

She must be joking cos my friend laughed her heart out and we walked out. Luckily the owner was my client I just called him and he said he has different types of feathers in the shop I must just pop in and I will get them. I relayed my experience to him and he apologized and promised to have them delivered to my daughter at school instead.

The art world is another world full of impossibilities turned into possibilities. Miracles are made there. Now that I have passed that stage of running around craft stores looking for things and I am waiting for another artist to make his demands. I don’t know as yet what type of artist he will be but he’s more inclined to drawing cos he likes outlining people faces.

Parents strap your seat-belts and be prepared to be given a ride of your life trying to meet your kids demands. Let us help them achieve their goals in life. Open up to a whole new world.



Artwork done by Rethabile Ndhlovu







Thieves of the night

Eish I’m sure he never went to the hospital or the doctor. He had to be somewhere licking his wounds ne.


Once it hits dusk  one must be prepare for bed and other things. Hm this was one boozy Saturday night and boy we had fun after a long time. Just I was dozing off nicely there is a sudden rush of wind that hit my back and woke me up. It was very chilly indeed. I woke up to find my window open and I thought I forgot to close windows when I came home. Just as I was sitting on my bed still very drunk and sleepy I saw a HAND peeping through the curtains. Boy I got such a fright that I started shaking, I could hear my heart beat in my ears it was so loud that I thought THE HAND could hear.

Alas THE HAND could not I therefore jumped from my bed found my pencil heeled shoe that I wore that day on the floor. I just took it and I hit THE HAND so hard and repeatedly that I felt hot. The movement was so fast that I didn’t realize that THE HAND was screaming outside. I just held THE HAND and hit it repeatedly with my heel determined to cause much damage as possible. I didn’t realize that THE HAND was bleeding. I had blood on my gowns and curtains, shoe and the floor. My bedroom was full of blood.

THE HAND eventually managed to wrangle itself out of my grip. After this exercise I was tired that when they knocked on my door to check if I’m okay I struggled for breath. I summoned whatever energy that was left in me to unlock my door. You should have seen the shock on everybody’s face cos of the blood.

I explained and everybody was flabbergasted about my story. My mother came with a cup of tea that’s when I realized that I was shaking like a leaf. Really shocked that I just hunched on the bloodied floor. I still wonder who was it and what was he looking for? What I know is THE HAND will not be operative for some time and I have instilled some sort of fear in THE HAND.

30,000 Words, 700 Jobs, One Year



A few months ago, a friend considering a freelance writing career asked me how much money I make as a writer. I wanted to say, “You mean, what’s the going rate for a human soul?” But I wasn’t close enough to this friend to be certain she’d realize I was mostly kidding. Instead I said, “This month, I made between $25 and $2,000 for individual stories that were about the same length,” to indicate how unpredictable rates are in an industry that is hemorrhaging money while flooded with qualified candidates.

I’ve produced more than 30,000 words of original and highly job-specific material without pay in an effort to prove myself a capable and good sport to the handful of companies that have reached back out to me from the black hole of resume inboxes to give me a chance.

– Prospective employers demand full-time freelancers to produce inordinate amounts of…

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Theme party

Beep beep rang my phone, it was a message on my phone. Rushed over to the phone. It was an invite to a party and it had a theme. The theme was Masquerade.

I must really admit the invite was really tastefully done however there was a mystery attached to it. It gave only the theme, date, place and time. Wow I haven’t being to social gathering since the passing of my mother. So I welcomed the invite, it didn’t bother me that there is not much info. I guess cos I knew the place I felt comfortable.

On the day I took a very long bath dosed myself with perfume and took my mask drove there. Time was 19H30 for 19H00 so I arrived there a few minutes later.

As i walked through the door I realized the age group of other patrons, they were middle aged and I wondered now for was the party for. Only to find that is for a 43 year young person. Hey she was so excited jumping all over the show. Wow really!!! A theme party for this old person, I realized how old I am now for theme parties.

I thought it was some charity event of some sort. Well I eventually enjoyed myself as I met new people, did a bit of networking good for my business though. Guess what the invites were designed and printed from my shop how oblivious I was to my surrounding.

The party was epic.

When I 1st arrived in …………

My appointment was for 11 am the following day and it was 3 o’clock in the afternoon. I just got off a bus and there I was in a strange town with people speaking a different language. Yep I just stood there with my bag and for the first time it only dawned on me that I do not have a place to sleep tonight. I sat outside the building watching people going up and down, looked at some taxi drivers however could not summon enough courage to ask them if they knew a place i could sleep overnight.

I sat for like 30 minutes thinking about my current dilemma. I stood up and looked again at the building this time I noticed that it tourist information center. I looked at the time and smiled to myself, walked into the building and I saw her sitting on her desk busy on her phone. Opened the door to her and she acknowledged me by nodding her head. I then waited for her to finish on her call. I looked around the office,noticed pamphlets and went over to them as I was about to pick up one, she finished on her call and stepped over to me and ask how I was cos I looked a bit frazzled. Yeah I was frazzled cos I didn’t have a place to sleep tonight being in a strange town and all that. Told her my predicament she smiled and asked me why was in town and I told her I had an appointment for 11 o’clock tomorrow for a business. I was going to present my business to the other big player in the industry. She was a bit curious however she respected my wish not to divulge the info.

I was honest with her from the on set. It was my first time there, don’t know much about the company that I am about to enter into business with except what I had on paper from the internet. She made  tea and she we sat down and she put a closed sign on the door. She told me about the town in general and the company itself. She said I’ll be fine and she will find me a place to sleep next to the company and shops. Her info helped me to prepare my presentation to them. It really beefed my presentation.

After our chat she made a few phone calls and she returned to me with a piece of paper to me. She gave it to me and told me to walk outside I’ll find white car waiting outside, the guy will take me to a lodge and that’s where I’m booked for however long I would like to stay there…

I walked outside found the car waiting indeed for me and the driver took me for a short left around the area and the business I was going to and took me to the lodge. He took my bag in and waited for me to be booked in before leaving. He gave me his business card to call him should I need anything. I soon settled in and took a shower now I realized that I didn’t eat for the whole and before I could order there was a knock on the door when I answered it was food. I took them and sat ate on my own.

I slept like a baby that night like I didn’t sleep forever. Needless to say I did the present and walked out with a signed and sealed business deal. When I walked out of the building was no longer a stranger I was now part of the community. I became a big part of that community for year. I was indeed one of them and I am still part of them.

Lesson for the day was you are a stranger cos you allow yourself to be one.

When the ship has sailed

When the ship has sailed, it has believe you me.

Why must you torture yourself like this, huh?

Why make another human being your alpha and omega?

Is stranger you let into your life, you opened your heart for.

Life must go on after all.

After all how did you survive before you met him/her?

I know, I know I’m a sucker for pain but torturing myself like this I can’t really. Yoh imagine having sleepless nights because of another human being and wherever he/she is having good times perhaps sleeping much better than I do. No, not with me. I find hard to understand how can another human being can torture me to an extent of me depriving myself sleep, food etc. Never would I do such.

Moving in and living with him is a torture that 1 has to endure cos you have to play the caring wife part, will this little arrangement ever lead to marriage? I don’t think so and never thought so. The worst is when I cook he no longer eats home whereas earlier he would even phone to ask for specific type of food to be cooked just for him. Why would I bother to even do his garden or his laundry? He no longer drives me to work instead he’ll pass me with other women in the car and I still stay. He no goes to work functions or parties with other women, why am I still sticking around for? Move on sister it shows you that the ship has sailed and left you.

He packs your clothes for you and takes to your place without any word then why I you still holding the candle for him? Not me, never. You think mind games that you are playing will get him back, oh come on wake up and smell the coffee. You think by telling us stories about his current squeeze that will get him back. Never in a million years it shows how immature you are instead sweetheart. Yes we loved you and enjoyed your company however that’s it.

Now you are going for people that his acquaintances, wow that’s even worse than spreading rumors about his latest squeeze.

Oh for pit sake you are mother and please behave appropriately. If you can’t respect yourself at least respect that little boy. He loves you truly. I know life is not fair but ride on sister.

Love yourself big time then you can love others.

Love you little sis. XOXO

Emergency services

I don’t want to got through that again.

Hospitals are not user-friendly places in this world particularly in this time and era. You watch tv programmes telling how well they are adapting to the current needs of their patients and families however that is not so.

Last year I had to deal with a situation that I feel that the hospitals need to up their game now. I had to drive my daughter to hospital who I was told later that she has been bleeding internally and an emergency operation had to undertaken immediately. I had my mother in the car who was sick, my grandson and it was in the early of hours of the morning around 2 o’clock. By the way my grandson is only 17 months old and as expected he wants his mother. I managed to get inside the hospital yard and parked on the front of the emergency door. No assistance from so-called porters, carry my heavy daughter leaving my ailing mother with my now tense grandson. I have to wait for the nurse to attend to the patient which thank God she  realized that she needed help and it was rather urgent as she was fading away in front of our eyes. As we are busy with my daughter I remember that I left my mother and my grandson outside in the car park however unlawfully so. When I eventually return to my car I find security and a porter standing next to it looking for me cos my baby was crying uncontrollably. Needless to say my daughter ended up in ICU cos she lost a lot of blood and serious damaged was done to some of her parts internally. I couldn’t get a glass of water for my mother cos the only taps were far and I was not allowed to enter the place.

After a day I was  back again in the emergency services this time with my mother who we had to spend the whole day moving from one place to the next. Again the hospital had securities that wanted us to leave patients alone however my mother was not in a position to speak for herself as she has become weak from not eating as they refused to let her eat anything while they were observing her. Needless to say again I had to sign documents allowing an urgent operation to be performed and she also landed in ICU. Now I have 2 patients in ICU no one to take care of a weepy cranky baby.

Everyday it was a struggle cos I had to find a babysitter to look after my baby while I was visit my patients. My daughter survived however my mother couldn’t make it after 13 days. The day she passed on they called us quickly in the morning cos her condition deteriorated during the night. I forgot that NO CHILDREN were allowed in the ward I walked in with the baby on my back straight to me mothers bed. Doctors and nurses alike were confused as to handle me or my situation. The poor security just outside my mother’s door wondering how to handle my situation.

The crux of the matter is hospitals need to help find the solution to my dilemma. I had patients that  needed to be there for them and also my baby needed me. I think the Department of Health, Department of Social Development and US the public need to come with the solution for such situation.

One lady drove her mother to hospital concentrated on her and forgot about her baby and the her baby didn’t make it. People judged harshly is to why she left her baby in the car. Yes I always ask the same question as the no one who can help you and yet it happened to me that no one was there to help me with my baby because I always went early to the hospital just to get a nice parking space for the rest of the day.