Age ain’t nothing but a number I guess

I remember R Kelly singing something about age being just a number or something to that effect.

Is it really just a number?

What does it mean really?

Does it translates into something worthwhile?

Do one need to be concerned about it?


There is always comment of some sort where there is age gap involved regarding a relationship between two consenting adults. What is you feeling exactly regarding it.

One lady when asked why she is dating a young buck she said “oh I didn’t change his diaper so I’m really concerned with how young he is”. Wow that is some answer ne? But when a man does exactly the same thing he is hailed as a hero. Why is that?

Most of the relationships with young guys never end well and it becomes an issue if you have a son. Look what happened with Oscar and Reeva, sad ain’t it? There’s Kelly and Senzo another tragedy.

Is it love or lust? I think it 1st starts as an experiment and as time goes on it develops into something rather hectic I must say. These young bucks they can be really romantic than the old toppies out there. Their skills are out of this world I tell you, their are well mannered by all means however I can’t shake the feeling that we corrupt this young minds by getting involved with them in the 1st place. How would you feel when somebody else dates your young boy? Will he still be that respectful as he used to be? I mean he’s getting used to seeing a an old body (I mean wrinkles and all). Will he still find his peers still attractive? Or will he think that they are naive, inexperienced? I don’t know hey. Oh is it a question of being a teacher to the young buck?

True they are very attractive, very charming, yo gorgeous, have bodies to die for (those abs) and confidence is galore. Most of them are metro sexual. For some is all about numbers for them. They want to be spoilt by sugar mamas. I think some end up falling in love for real. Older women are matured with curves at the right place, they know what they want, can be very cunning and sly. Some do create best of men out of this boys whereas some create monsters for real. It depends on how you view it as long as at the end of the day there is something positive or negative comes of out of it.


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