Emergency services

I don’t want to got through that again.

Hospitals are not user-friendly places in this world particularly in this time and era. You watch tv programmes telling how well they are adapting to the current needs of their patients and families however that is not so.

Last year I had to deal with a situation that I feel that the hospitals need to up their game now. I had to drive my daughter to hospital who I was told later that she has been bleeding internally and an emergency operation had to undertaken immediately. I had my mother in the car who was sick, my grandson and it was in the early of hours of the morning around 2 o’clock. By the way my grandson is only 17 months old and as expected he wants his mother. I managed to get inside the hospital yard and parked on the front of the emergency door. No assistance from so-called porters, carry my heavy daughter leaving my ailing mother with my now tense grandson. I have to wait for the nurse to attend to the patient which thank God she  realized that she needed help and it was rather urgent as she was fading away in front of our eyes. As we are busy with my daughter I remember that I left my mother and my grandson outside in the car park however unlawfully so. When I eventually return to my car I find security and a porter standing next to it looking for me cos my baby was crying uncontrollably. Needless to say my daughter ended up in ICU cos she lost a lot of blood and serious damaged was done to some of her parts internally. I couldn’t get a glass of water for my mother cos the only taps were far and I was not allowed to enter the place.

After a day I was  back again in the emergency services this time with my mother who we had to spend the whole day moving from one place to the next. Again the hospital had securities that wanted us to leave patients alone however my mother was not in a position to speak for herself as she has become weak from not eating as they refused to let her eat anything while they were observing her. Needless to say again I had to sign documents allowing an urgent operation to be performed and she also landed in ICU. Now I have 2 patients in ICU no one to take care of a weepy cranky baby.

Everyday it was a struggle cos I had to find a babysitter to look after my baby while I was visit my patients. My daughter survived however my mother couldn’t make it after 13 days. The day she passed on they called us quickly in the morning cos her condition deteriorated during the night. I forgot that NO CHILDREN were allowed in the ward I walked in with the baby on my back straight to me mothers bed. Doctors and nurses alike were confused as to handle me or my situation. The poor security just outside my mother’s door wondering how to handle my situation.

The crux of the matter is hospitals need to help find the solution to my dilemma. I had patients that  needed to be there for them and also my baby needed me. I think the Department of Health, Department of Social Development and US the public need to come with the solution for such situation.

One lady drove her mother to hospital concentrated on her and forgot about her baby and the her baby didn’t make it. People judged harshly is to why she left her baby in the car. Yes I always ask the same question as the no one who can help you and yet it happened to me that no one was there to help me with my baby because I always went early to the hospital just to get a nice parking space for the rest of the day.



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