When the ship has sailed

When the ship has sailed, it has believe you me.

Why must you torture yourself like this, huh?

Why make another human being your alpha and omega?

Is stranger you let into your life, you opened your heart for.

Life must go on after all.

After all how did you survive before you met him/her?

I know, I know I’m a sucker for pain but torturing myself like this I can’t really. Yoh imagine having sleepless nights because of another human being and wherever he/she is having good times perhaps sleeping much better than I do. No, not with me. I find hard to understand how can another human being can torture me to an extent of me depriving myself sleep, food etc. Never would I do such.

Moving in and living with him is a torture that 1 has to endure cos you have to play the caring wife part, will this little arrangement ever lead to marriage? I don’t think so and never thought so. The worst is when I cook he no longer eats home whereas earlier he would even phone to ask for specific type of food to be cooked just for him. Why would I bother to even do his garden or his laundry? He no longer drives me to work instead he’ll pass me with other women in the car and I still stay. He no goes to work functions or parties with other women, why am I still sticking around for? Move on sister it shows you that the ship has sailed and left you.

He packs your clothes for you and takes to your place without any word then why I you still holding the candle for him? Not me, never. You think mind games that you are playing will get him back, oh come on wake up and smell the coffee. You think by telling us stories about his current squeeze that will get him back. Never in a million years it shows how immature you are instead sweetheart. Yes we loved you and enjoyed your company however that’s it.

Now you are going for people that his acquaintances, wow that’s even worse than spreading rumors about his latest squeeze.

Oh for pit sake you are mother and please behave appropriately. If you can’t respect yourself at least respect that little boy. He loves you truly. I know life is not fair but ride on sister.

Love yourself big time then you can love others.

Love you little sis. XOXO


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