Theme party

Beep beep rang my phone, it was a message on my phone. Rushed over to the phone. It was an invite to a party and it had a theme. The theme was Masquerade.

I must really admit the invite was really tastefully done however there was a mystery attached to it. It gave only the theme, date, place and time. Wow I haven’t being to social gathering since the passing of my mother. So I welcomed the invite, it didn’t bother me that there is not much info. I guess cos I knew the place I felt comfortable.

On the day I took a very long bath dosed myself with perfume and took my mask drove there. Time was 19H30 for 19H00 so I arrived there a few minutes later.

As i walked through the door I realized the age group of other patrons, they were middle aged and I wondered now for was the party for. Only to find that is for a 43 year young person. Hey she was so excited jumping all over the show. Wow really!!! A theme party for this old person, I realized how old I am now for theme parties.

I thought it was some charity event of some sort. Well I eventually enjoyed myself as I met new people, did a bit of networking good for my business though. Guess what the invites were designed and printed from my shop how oblivious I was to my surrounding.

The party was epic.


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