When I 1st arrived in …………

My appointment was for 11 am the following day and it was 3 o’clock in the afternoon. I just got off a bus and there I was in a strange town with people speaking a different language. Yep I just stood there with my bag and for the first time it only dawned on me that I do not have a place to sleep tonight. I sat outside the building watching people going up and down, looked at some taxi drivers however could not summon enough courage to ask them if they knew a place i could sleep overnight.

I sat for like 30 minutes thinking about my current dilemma. I stood up and looked again at the building this time I noticed that it tourist information center. I looked at the time and smiled to myself, walked into the building and I saw her sitting on her desk busy on her phone. Opened the door to her and she acknowledged me by nodding her head. I then waited for her to finish on her call. I looked around the office,noticed pamphlets and went over to them as I was about to pick up one, she finished on her call and stepped over to me and ask how I was cos I looked a bit frazzled. Yeah I was frazzled cos I didn’t have a place to sleep tonight being in a strange town and all that. Told her my predicament she smiled and asked me why was in town and I told her I had an appointment for 11 o’clock tomorrow for a business. I was going to present my business to the other big player in the industry. She was a bit curious however she respected my wish not to divulge the info.

I was honest with her from the on set. It was my first time there, don’t know much about the company that I am about to enter into business with except what I had on paper from the internet. She made  tea and she we sat down and she put a closed sign on the door. She told me about the town in general and the company itself. She said I’ll be fine and she will find me a place to sleep next to the company and shops. Her info helped me to prepare my presentation to them. It really beefed my presentation.

After our chat she made a few phone calls and she returned to me with a piece of paper to me. She gave it to me and told me to walk outside I’ll find white car waiting outside, the guy will take me to a lodge and that’s where I’m booked for however long I would like to stay there…

I walked outside found the car waiting indeed for me and the driver took me for a short left around the area and the business I was going to and took me to the lodge. He took my bag in and waited for me to be booked in before leaving. He gave me his business card to call him should I need anything. I soon settled in and took a shower now I realized that I didn’t eat for the whole and before I could order there was a knock on the door when I answered it was food. I took them and sat ate on my own.

I slept like a baby that night like I didn’t sleep forever. Needless to say I did the present and walked out with a signed and sealed business deal. When I walked out of the building was no longer a stranger I was now part of the community. I became a big part of that community for year. I was indeed one of them and I am still part of them.

Lesson for the day was you are a stranger cos you allow yourself to be one.


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