A trip to the zoo

I was advised to go to the zoo by shop assistant.

By the way it was a art and craft shop mind you.

How could they give my daughter such a school project, understanding that they are far from the zoo itself?

I don’t really understand I think teachers before giving students projects they must consider that efforts put into the school projects. They’ll complain about our kids and us not making an effort but they are also to be blamed.

My daughter then an aspiring artist was still at school summoned my help in acquiring feathers for her school project. Ag it never seemed an extra ordinary effort just to get feathers. We have art and craft store in the mall near my workplace, I’ll just pop in and buy them.

My lunch break I rushed over to look feathers. The assistant looked bewildered by my request. She didn’t even stand up from her chair she just said ” Mam just go to the zoo u’ll get feathers there”.

She must be joking cos my friend laughed her heart out and we walked out. Luckily the owner was my client I just called him and he said he has different types of feathers in the shop I must just pop in and I will get them. I relayed my experience to him and he apologized and promised to have them delivered to my daughter at school instead.

The art world is another world full of impossibilities turned into possibilities. Miracles are made there. Now that I have passed that stage of running around craft stores looking for things and I am waiting for another artist to make his demands. I don’t know as yet what type of artist he will be but he’s more inclined to drawing cos he likes outlining people faces.

Parents strap your seat-belts and be prepared to be given a ride of your life trying to meet your kids demands. Let us help them achieve their goals in life. Open up to a whole new world.



Artwork done by Rethabile Ndhlovu







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