Thieves of the night

Eish I’m sure he never went to the hospital or the doctor. He had to be somewhere licking his wounds ne.


Once it hits dusk  one must be prepare for bed and other things. Hm this was one boozy Saturday night and boy we had fun after a long time. Just I was dozing off nicely there is a sudden rush of wind that hit my back and woke me up. It was very chilly indeed. I woke up to find my window open and I thought I forgot to close windows when I came home. Just as I was sitting on my bed still very drunk and sleepy I saw a HAND peeping through the curtains. Boy I got such a fright that I started shaking, I could hear my heart beat in my ears it was so loud that I thought THE HAND could hear.

Alas THE HAND could not I therefore jumped from my bed found my pencil heeled shoe that I wore that day on the floor. I just took it and I hit THE HAND so hard and repeatedly that I felt hot. The movement was so fast that I didn’t realize that THE HAND was screaming outside. I just held THE HAND and hit it repeatedly with my heel determined to cause much damage as possible. I didn’t realize that THE HAND was bleeding. I had blood on my gowns and curtains, shoe and the floor. My bedroom was full of blood.

THE HAND eventually managed to wrangle itself out of my grip. After this exercise I was tired that when they knocked on my door to check if I’m okay I struggled for breath. I summoned whatever energy that was left in me to unlock my door. You should have seen the shock on everybody’s face cos of the blood.

I explained and everybody was flabbergasted about my story. My mother came with a cup of tea that’s when I realized that I was shaking like a leaf. Really shocked that I just hunched on the bloodied floor. I still wonder who was it and what was he looking for? What I know is THE HAND will not be operative for some time and I have instilled some sort of fear in THE HAND.


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