On Writing: Write Awful


When most people think of writing, they associate it to writing an email or a letter: Articulate your thoughts, dot your i’s, and send it away to your adoring audience.

That might be well and true for some writing forms, but not so for books. You don’t just get an idea, jot it down over a length of time, and ship it out to a pristine publisher.

Unfortunately, many who share this false assumption are, in fact, writers. So this post is going to clear the air as to what writing actually is like. Some say it’s like sculpting, some say it’s like architecture, I’m going with the illustration that writing is like drawing a picture.

book 11) Write Awful – You’ve got your brilliant idea, you write it out in book form, and several months later you go back and read your first draft and you think, Wow. I’m a terrible writer. This…

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That time of the year again

Is it really worth it? Worth all the cold nights, not going to work and leaving household chores to helper.
I don’t think so hey. Are you gunning for that promotion or do you want to feel relevant?

You have had your chance so lets give our kids to be kids exactly that just kids. I mean let us give them a chance to come back home frustrated from school cos they don’t understand.

I really think that we are unfair.

I just want to know is it really fair that I as a parent should be going back to school after working for so long? Do you think you will survive out there. Shame lecturers do not the patience to expand on what is in the book.