My sister ……………………………………………….the black widow

She has recently passed on however as usual we created a scene. We all wanted some piece of hers I guess a reminder of her all of sudden.

She was a Nubian queen my father’s first born. Funny enough I am named after her mother. I can still see her oval face wearing a wig and one couldn’t tell whether she was Indian, Colored or African. She was very easy on the eye..eye candy indeed.

They found his body next to a school not far from his home. His body was all bloodied as he was hacked. Police said it was robbery that went wrong and therefore an inquest was opened. My sister could not understand how would anyone want to rob her husband as he was well-known in the area besides that he was a traffic officer. Yes like any other couple they had their issues, they would fight every now and then but I guess there was love there. It took her longer to recover from the shock.

My father came and collected me to go fetch her as someone told him that my sister was battered, beaten half dead. Beaten black and blue. Indeed we arrived there her door was broken into pieces, huddled on a corner afraid to look up even though we called out to her. She couldn’t move we thought worse until I reached down to her and she peeped saw that it was me. Then she moved slowly, bloodied. The police came, took a statement then suggested that we move her to a rather safe place. We all felt that it was better that she sell her house and move in back with my father and them.

My father handled the sale and insured that she is comfortable. My father soon passed on leaving her there in the yard with my other siblings and his wife. Things seemed rosy for a couple months then wheels started coming off the cart we thought my father built for everyone including me who is not staying them.

Then she met this gentleman. He charmed her and they lived together in her house still in my father’s yard. I think the common factor they had was alcohol. Then came that fateful night. There was fire caused by spirit. Someone died and it was not my sister. His children had my sister arrested for murder as they believe she murdered him. My siblings and I made sure she applied for bail. She came back the man was buried.

As if that was not enough she met another gentleman. Very tall, very light in complexion and very slim built. He also stayed with her for quite some. Again common factor was alcohol. They would drink and sing the whole night away. Yep that’s the type of her men. They had their fights and all. This time it was food poisoning. Apparently he ate food that already rotten. He found it in the kitchen. That’s funny but what can one say. Inquest again was opened however I did not follow till the results came back. This time we were poised awaiting for her arrest alas it did not happen however insurance took longer to pay out as they suspect foul play.

All this deaths she was accused of orchestrating them. I don’t know how she managed to get away with them if that was the case. Each time the police cleared her. Out of the blue her younger sister called a witch, man killer while we were having a barbecue. She said she killed all her husbands.

I wonder what if she was indeed their killer however she did not get her hands dirty. The black widow spider.(hahaha) I mean her bed became like their pyre. Forever moving graciously, very slow indeed. We had an Indian grandfather hence it was difficult to tell. Her hair was thick, rich and soft however because she didn’t want to be labelled she always cut it short. My Nubian queen. Her smile will be forever entrenched in my memory. Pardon the simile but one has to wonder.

Loved her to bits.