Am I a threat?

I fail to understand why would I be a threat to your happiness. He is yours, he has married you. Relax just be rest assured that I won’t go after him. I have this motto that I don’t eat my puke once it is out it’s gone forever never to return to my mouth or even near my mouth.

Hence I say I don’t share toys and I mean it. Don’t have time to chase after married men. I wish you all the best in your endeavor.

After all this years you still harbor resentment. Wow you’ve got some energy let alone a nerve. The fact he touches alone makes me want nothing to do with him. I won’t allow him to touch me again cos I would wonder if he compares us, that’s how he touches you too.

I love and respect myself, I won’t put myself through that. So don’t feel threatened by me.

Know this ” I don’t give a hoot that he still cares about me “, I want nothing to do with him. I despise him, his sight makes me sick. That’s how I feel with hence you’ll never see me talk to him or run after him.


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