My sister the black widow – 2

I keep on wondering whether my older sister is the only black widow in the family? I doubt if she is the only one. It seems like there is quite a number of them in the family.

I think my father’s so called wife is also a black widow. She has been living with my father claiming that she’s his wife and yet she couldn’t give proof of her marriage to anyone. She does not have a marriage certificate at least. She took my father’s last name after he passed just so she can be elected as the executor of his estate, which didn’t work either. He died interstate and his estate is still not wounded up till today. Her last name is not the same as my father.

She has the audacity of badmouthing everybody even her own sister. I wonder why she is doing that? What is it that she is hiding? Her own skeletons perhaps? I would be embarrassed to admit that she only went into the marriage knowing that my father was a philanderer. Wow what a bold statement from her. Where is her pride then as a woman? She says my father had affairs all over the show yet she stayed in that sham she called a marriage.

She was my father’s 1st wife sister and she used to stay with them as a young girl. Did she jump into her sister’s bed immediately her sister was no more? Was she perhaps sharing my father with her sister? Was she ever jealous of her sister’s life? Did she want my father all to herself that she killed her sister for him? If so why did she treat my siblings so bad? Why did she fight for my father’s house and yet she can’t pay for rates and taxes of that property? Why does she have to lie and badmouth everybody around her? She lies about almost everything. Why???? Did she go into the marriage thinking that she will benefit?


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