Mam’lady is her name

This month is mother’s month. It reminded me of my mother and her mother. Both of have passed on. In 2010-my grandmother and 2013-my mother. Both these women were/are very important to me. They played a major role in life. They help shape and build the character that I am today. They really helped me to raise my only daughter. Today I am mother and granny to most cute and naughty boy in the world.

My granny had a garden with fruit trees viz peaches, apples, lemons, strawberries, grapes etc. On a regular basis me and my cousins would take up residence there every school holidays. The reason we were sent there was there was no one to take care of us in our respective homes therefore the safest place was granny place.

He reminds me of my dearly departed cousin was very naughty indeed. My granny used to say HE DOESN’T HAVE EARS, end of story. We were there for December holidays and it is between spring and summer, trees bloom, some of them bore some fruits already. This 1 afternoon we went after apples. Yes the looked all delicious however the were very small as they did fit in our tiny hands.

We went outside and threw our ball in the directions of the trees. My cousin went in there to take a


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