My sister in-horror

We were just 2, my brother and I. My mother had just the two of us. They used to tease her that she is like a pigeon and she would laugh about it until she had tears. Everybody had their own bedroom and what happened in those rooms it was your own “indaba”.

My brother met this woman and he brought her home and she never left our home. She stayed with us for donkeys years until my mother forced my brother to at least pay lobola. Indeed my brother obliged by just paying deposit of the asking price. She stayed with him despite the unfinished lobola.

My brother as time went by he was no longer satisfied with her and wanted her to leave she refused saying only death will do them apart. My brother started to have kids outside of the relationship. She stayed no matter what. We asked her to leave because now my brother is no longer staying at home and we don’t know where he is. She refused.

Then a horrible thing happened my brother passed on. Her behavior was erratic. She carried on as if she owned the house now overlooking even over riding what my mother said. After the funeral her family held a meeting advising her to stay on until she also pass on. My mother again advised to take a hint and leave. She refused. She started having affairs now she wants to bring her boyfriends over the house which was culturally unacceptable as she was still mourning her husband. We asked again to leave because now she was now it was way too much for all of us in the yard. She refused to pay for rent, electricity etc. flatly refusing to contribute. We treated her as a lodger giving her 3 months notice as required by law. She ignored the warning. Indeed 3 months lapsed and we woke her up and asked her to leave with all the stuff in that room. She left however leaving her belonging. We looked the place when she returned in the night she found the place locked. She called the police on us and the police advised her that she has to move. Then she went to the Councillor who also told the same “LEAVE”. She approached social worker who was so rude however she couldn’t help her as well.

Somebody tipped us that her father sold their family home. We didn’t believe them thought that were gossiping. It’s now 3 years since my brother passed on and guess what she still refuses to leave. Out of the blue her brother’s letter from the bank arrived which confirms that their father indeed sold their home.


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