Can’t we forgive and not forget?

You didn’t wait to be introduced properly to the church community but you were part of it already. I wondered if you know that they do have marriage counselling, to avoid surprises after you married into their community. I also wonder if you knew that as per church’s rules and regulations you do not DIVORCE. It’s unheard of.

Let bygones be bygones,he has passed on just do the right thing culturally. Just go bury him please.

You might be still angry, disappointed at him that you eventually parted ways but then again I said it please do the right thing, go mourn properly culturally and religiously so.

You had fights before and after each fight you refused to leave even if asked to do so by him. Yep we understand your marriage reached its sell by date very soon but what has happened has happened. Lets move on.

It is very sad indeed when two lovers part ways and loath each other. How come two people hate each other so much? How so? Is it an issue of not finding closure? For pete sake you do have a baby girl together, how are you going to raise her? Bitter as you? Think about other people this issue affects besides you.

All the best in all your endeavors however. Know that I still love and will support however way.


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