Let go be gone

I don’t think other people understand the meaning of this.

I am serious “Let go be gone”.. I mean it.

I moved on with my life even though you are still caught up in whatever you think you can still hold on.

Yes I get it and I also see you but lets move on brother and sister.

Whatever we had we had.

I respected you thinking that you would do the same with me but alas I was in dreamland as always.

Why did you do that to me?

I should have known that your insecurities reflected your dishonesty, you had affairs all over the show. You were once jealous of a porter. Yes the guy was smitten however it ended just there and I don’t think he would have asked for my numbers even if he did I don’t think he could afford to fly over to see me.

Yes I do attract them however being friendly with them doesn’t mean I would sleep with them.

Yes you did sleep around while you were sleeping with me and lucky for you I found out late. Like i said before i don’t share my toys that included you.

Why did you do that? Why did you play me like that? You made your bed now lie in it. I took it that you were happy with your choice but clearly I am mistaken.

Why did you go behind my back asking about me? You could have came to me and asked all you wanted to you know. Because of you I am healthy, more careful with you I associate myself with.

Yep when I lost my virginity you were standing right there watching me surely you could have said something right there but you didn’t I guess you lacked courage then. Yep I couldn’t give you a child because I didn’t want to and I never believed in shotgun marriage. You terms and conditions were way too hectic for me. You never respected me for who I was or who I am. Yes I know that you are still crazy about me however not as a successful being only as your dependent. I do have pride you know.

It makes me more curious about you, as a human being, your thoughts.

Yes you abused me in ways I never thought possible particularly from a being of your caliber. I respected you either way. Yes you would do those things and I never questioned you. You requested hiv/aids tests every 6 months and I did comply. Whereas you I never knew your results and you were taking meds on daily basis. I never bothered to ask you, gave you the space you required.

You are happily married now and please do forget about me and move on. You’ll never ever lay besides me. I am jealous you know hence I don’t share my toys. Once you touch another being the way you touched me and I find out condition is you leave me in pieces. I knew you had affairs however I didn’t go out and search for those people. I never questioned you when you spoke to anyone instead I gave that space, I didn’t mind waiting for you.

Yeah remember when one of your friends wanted to make a move on me and you forbade me, you commanded that i cut ties and I did without making a scene even though that move cost me a huge chunk of my income. You never thought the repercussions of your actions, only your feelings mattered. Yeah you taught me quite a lot hey one thing that stuck in my mind is sunny-side up. That is still clear as daylight. You would wake me up to cook it for you and I did that with a smile. You were difficult to please but since I allowed you to do that I humbled myself to that level. I had meetings that were very important to me however as long as you were not approving of them I ensured that they never disturbed you even though they would wake you up for whatever. Yes you were my hero and you will still remain as such however don’t push unsavory agendas under the pretext of loving me.

You trampled upon my dignity, you were arrogant while doing that despite that I pushed on. You abused me both emotionally and mentally. You did things to me that I failed to understand till today. I just cannot fathom what did I do to deserve such treatment from you. Well let bygones be bygones.

My mother warned me about your type but I was already within your clutches, all I had to do was to wait for you to leave me. Yeah forever smiling, very shy and you never kept eye contact. I always wondered why and you still do that I guess it’s true “eyes are windows to your soul”. I know now that you have demons.

Let go be gone. SALUTE. You need help end of story. Just let me be please.


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