How is they are done?

In most cases introductions are sealed by handshakes but this one was different from normal introductions.

We went out for over 6 months without touching or even kissing each other. On your this particular day you choose you decided that it was time for me to meet your family and to know your place.

You came to collect me early in the morning around 6 o’clock. We went for a champagne breakfast and after that we were given a picnic basket instead we went to your house. It was my first time there but definitely not my last. We were just two of us there if my memory served me.

We ended up in the master bedroom and we stayed there for the rest of the day. That day I saw a horror movie in the broad daylight. No mercy shown on the poor partner in crime.

We had a shower and followed each other out of the bedroom, looking for food, hand in hand out of your bedroom only to find your whole family there waiting for us to emerge. My eyes were red from crying and I was still complaining whilst you were grinning from ear to ear.

my shock when I saw them and meeting them for the first time. ” Well Mrs ……… meet my family ” as you introduced them. You were proud very proud indeed only to find the bloodied t-shirt we used in the sitting room on top of the table everybody eyeing it with smiles.

Yep it was a very special day for you. Your birthday and your horn that you have been blowing proved to be correct. Indeed I buckled under you, you were the MAN. Your family was very proud of you especially your father who gave you a pat at the back, your brothers paying up the bet you had about me.

I couldn’t look them in the eye I still can’t but you didn’t give a hoot it was your BIRTHDAY and you had your best present ever on a silver platter.

I don’t know how you introduce your girlfriends in your household but this ………….