Fear that we all have

I am living in fear that he’ll or she’ll  pass on. Yes last year was touch and go but she is still here. We still don’t know what was causing all this discomfort. Fear gripped us and for a moment we remembered her status.


He started coughing and wouldn’t just go away, it went on and on for some time and we asked him to take the tests. They turned out negative for what we thought it would be. Again fear gripped us and status issue resurfaced. We all thought that he will live to celebrate 10 years knowing his status. Yes he is going to live. Still we don’t know what caused the discomfort.


Yes both of you are sick, now we wonder what is happening? Are you taking your medication? Have you given up the battle or are you still fighting? My wish is for you to outlive a whole lot of users out there. Take us by surprise bury them 1st before they could bury you.


The swelling had gone down and he was getting to be comfortable living with his life partner however the swelling came back full force and he lost the battle, he passed on.


Yes strides have been made in the AIDS pandemic however each time something happens their status comes back in mind that they are HIV +. We don’t think about anything else.

Yep we do not share our fears. We all cry in our little dark corners.


This means we will never ever accept the virus though it has been with us for some time now. Your will always determine who or what you are. After all it is human nature to class.


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