We all have history

I believe we all have history however how we see it or use is up to us. From the day  we  are  born we write our own history, just that as time goes we tend to be forgetful and spiteful depending on the circumstances at that particular moment.

We all have secrets we don’t want other people to know even our soul mates. We are either ashamed of them or rather want to forget them or block them out of our lives for that moment.

I was burnt too many  times  that trust is not in my vocabulary ever. It does not rhyme with me at all. I am enclosed a glass bottle that is so fragile that it has to be handled with care. I take everything with a pinch of salt irregardless of the person or the circumstances.

I know you have your history too but you are not coming forth with the information either however it suits me fine. You are expecting me to accept everything as it comes from you.That I should trust you, believe you and do as you want me to. What about me? My history has made me the soul that caught your whatever.

Throwing money at our histories won’t make it go away or acceptance of your being very easy. I can tell there is a story about you but I don’t know the details cos that’s how we all want it to be. I have been lied to many times to an extend that my tolerance of bull is way too low. I protect myself or rather hide my true self by all means that hurting anyone comes easy to me. I understand that you are slowly shedding yourself a bit everyday however it is not easy for me either. I wouldlove to trust you and take everything in but it’s not easy. Either we take baby steps or will forever be at loggerheads with each other as i am headstrong just like you.

Ihave one question though, what makes you so special? Your previous stories have a way making themselves visible however way they feel like and you just want them to be ignored but it’s not easy. I understand that stalking is illegal but what i want to know how do you explain it to anyone.


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