In all fairness……

The year 2016 came in with stories horror I tell you.

We had story of a very young girl who died of drug overdose and was sort of gang raped by a number of boys. Yes I said it. I don’t know whether she had intentions of sleeping with this boys or did they took a chance just as she passed out. The fact that our boys had sex with her even though she was unresponsive is repulsive. They laughed about it saying ‘oh she is pretending to be asleep a good fuck will wake her up’. The audacity, the nerve to even think about it. Yes apparently her drink was also spiked. What kind of kids are we raising up?

Another was also found dead in an empty room only the remainder of drugs etc. She was also bleeding and again it was somebody’s house. Is cheap drugs flooding townships? Every place has it’s own type of drug but lately we have seen influx of cheapest cocaine and crack.

A well known drug addict also died from this cheap thing they call it “MONYOPI”. What is scary is who is the manufacturer of this cheap drug, the distributor cos it seems like the known dealers do not sell it, it’s new players.

In another incident someone was fed crack and took it in. Needed to be drained the poison from the body. Yes we have had our usual staff as per region however there is some business people who think otherwise creating their own market. Business skill 101 however with the undesired product.

I just wonder how many incidents are there that we are not aware of however the scourge of drugs is an issue for the whole community. I wonder how many nyaope babies are we having. Do they look like crack babies? Do they have cravings as well? You see a lot of couples smoking together and the fairer sex is preggies. It’s worrying though drug issue is being addressed but do we consider the pregnant couples?


A day in the saloonp


My daughter dyed her hair blue. Blue I said.

Funny some 20 odd years I also braided my hair with a blue hair piece. I didn’t realize it last year when she was looking for a blue hair dye. I looked at her kind a awkwardly however her look ¬†for it. I totally forgot that I once went through that phase of color.

For me then it was a vibrant color, youthful for me. The color suited my skin color. Haha by then I was aspiring to be a business manager. Imagine business manager with blue hair. Now it is my daughter with the same hair color. When she came home with dyed her I was amazed actually surprised that she finally got what she wanted.

Yes it might come as a surprise to you but the daughter is following in mom’s footsteps however differently so. My mom seemed kinda more stable not the venturous type when coming to her looks. She was more of lady than I could ever be. (God bless her soul).

People’s comment seemed not have any effect on me, didn’t bother at all. Yeah it still does not. My daughter seemed to have inherited the same trade which is good for her.

Her son was mesmerized by her look, kept on touching her and complimenting her. Saloon is part and parcel of every woman’s life. Home or otherwise it is part of who we are and who we become.

My baby is bluetiful. Love her look.



What did you do with my photos? Yes the ones you took of me.

I never saw them cos you took them without my knowledge and my permission. They told me about them people you shared them with.

I know its hard to forget me but you didn’t need photos of me to keep. Yes I never forgot you even though I loath you.

How easy love turns to hate. I am just curious.