Let go be gone

I don’t think other people understand the meaning of this.

I am serious “Let go be gone”.. I mean it.

I moved on with my life even though you are still caught up in whatever you think you can still hold on.

Yes I get it and I also see you but lets move on brother and sister.

Whatever we had we had.

I respected you thinking that you would do the same with me but alas I was in dreamland as always.

Why did you do that to me?

I should have known that your insecurities reflected your dishonesty, you had affairs all over the show. You were once jealous of a porter. Yes the guy was smitten however it ended just there and I don’t think he would have asked for my numbers even if he did I don’t think he could afford to fly over to see me.

Yes I do attract them however being friendly with them doesn’t mean I would sleep with them.

Yes you did sleep around while you were sleeping with me and lucky for you I found out late. Like i said before i don’t share my toys that included you.

Why did you do that? Why did you play me like that? You made your bed now lie in it. I took it that you were happy with your choice but clearly I am mistaken.

Why did you go behind my back asking about me? You could have came to me and asked all you wanted to you know. Because of you I am healthy, more careful with you I associate myself with.

Yep when I lost my virginity you were standing right there watching me surely you could have said something right there but you didn’t I guess you lacked courage then. Yep I couldn’t give you a child because I didn’t want to and I never believed in shotgun marriage. You terms and conditions were way too hectic for me. You never respected me for who I was or who I am. Yes I know that you are still crazy about me however not as a successful being only as your dependent. I do have pride you know.

It makes me more curious about you, as a human being, your thoughts.

Yes you abused me in ways I never thought possible particularly from a being of your caliber. I respected you either way. Yes you would do those things and I never questioned you. You requested hiv/aids tests every 6 months and I did comply. Whereas you I never knew your results and you were taking meds on daily basis. I never bothered to ask you, gave you the space you required.

You are happily married now and please do forget about me and move on. You’ll never ever lay besides me. I am jealous you know hence I don’t share my toys. Once you touch another being the way you touched me and I find out condition is you leave me in pieces. I knew you had affairs however I didn’t go out and search for those people. I never questioned you when you spoke to anyone instead I gave that space, I didn’t mind waiting for you.

Yeah remember when one of your friends wanted to make a move on me and you forbade me, you commanded that i cut ties and I did without making a scene even though that move cost me a huge chunk of my income. You never thought the repercussions of your actions, only your feelings mattered. Yeah you taught me quite a lot hey one thing that stuck in my mind is sunny-side up. That is still clear as daylight. You would wake me up to cook it for you and I did that with a smile. You were difficult to please but since I allowed you to do that I humbled myself to that level. I had meetings that were very important to me however as long as you were not approving of them I ensured that they never disturbed you even though they would wake you up for whatever. Yes you were my hero and you will still remain as such however don’t push unsavory agendas under the pretext of loving me.

You trampled upon my dignity, you were arrogant while doing that despite that I pushed on. You abused me both emotionally and mentally. You did things to me that I failed to understand till today. I just cannot fathom what did I do to deserve such treatment from you. Well let bygones be bygones.

My mother warned me about your type but I was already within your clutches, all I had to do was to wait for you to leave me. Yeah forever smiling, very shy and you never kept eye contact. I always wondered why and you still do that I guess it’s true “eyes are windows to your soul”. I know now that you have demons.

Let go be gone. SALUTE. You need help end of story. Just let me be please.


A trip to the zoo

I was advised to go to the zoo by shop assistant.

By the way it was a art and craft shop mind you.

How could they give my daughter such a school project, understanding that they are far from the zoo itself?

I don’t really understand I think teachers before giving students projects they must consider that efforts put into the school projects. They’ll complain about our kids and us not making an effort but they are also to be blamed.

My daughter then an aspiring artist was still at school summoned my help in acquiring feathers for her school project. Ag it never seemed an extra ordinary effort just to get feathers. We have art and craft store in the mall near my workplace, I’ll just pop in and buy them.

My lunch break I rushed over to look feathers. The assistant looked bewildered by my request. She didn’t even stand up from her chair she just said ” Mam just go to the zoo u’ll get feathers there”.

She must be joking cos my friend laughed her heart out and we walked out. Luckily the owner was my client I just called him and he said he has different types of feathers in the shop I must just pop in and I will get them. I relayed my experience to him and he apologized and promised to have them delivered to my daughter at school instead.

The art world is another world full of impossibilities turned into possibilities. Miracles are made there. Now that I have passed that stage of running around craft stores looking for things and I am waiting for another artist to make his demands. I don’t know as yet what type of artist he will be but he’s more inclined to drawing cos he likes outlining people faces.

Parents strap your seat-belts and be prepared to be given a ride of your life trying to meet your kids demands. Let us help them achieve their goals in life. Open up to a whole new world.



Artwork done by Rethabile Ndhlovu






Thieves of the night

Eish I’m sure he never went to the hospital or the doctor. He had to be somewhere licking his wounds ne.


Once it hits dusk  one must be prepare for bed and other things. Hm this was one boozy Saturday night and boy we had fun after a long time. Just I was dozing off nicely there is a sudden rush of wind that hit my back and woke me up. It was very chilly indeed. I woke up to find my window open and I thought I forgot to close windows when I came home. Just as I was sitting on my bed still very drunk and sleepy I saw a HAND peeping through the curtains. Boy I got such a fright that I started shaking, I could hear my heart beat in my ears it was so loud that I thought THE HAND could hear.

Alas THE HAND could not I therefore jumped from my bed found my pencil heeled shoe that I wore that day on the floor. I just took it and I hit THE HAND so hard and repeatedly that I felt hot. The movement was so fast that I didn’t realize that THE HAND was screaming outside. I just held THE HAND and hit it repeatedly with my heel determined to cause much damage as possible. I didn’t realize that THE HAND was bleeding. I had blood on my gowns and curtains, shoe and the floor. My bedroom was full of blood.

THE HAND eventually managed to wrangle itself out of my grip. After this exercise I was tired that when they knocked on my door to check if I’m okay I struggled for breath. I summoned whatever energy that was left in me to unlock my door. You should have seen the shock on everybody’s face cos of the blood.

I explained and everybody was flabbergasted about my story. My mother came with a cup of tea that’s when I realized that I was shaking like a leaf. Really shocked that I just hunched on the bloodied floor. I still wonder who was it and what was he looking for? What I know is THE HAND will not be operative for some time and I have instilled some sort of fear in THE HAND.

Theme party

Beep beep rang my phone, it was a message on my phone. Rushed over to the phone. It was an invite to a party and it had a theme. The theme was Masquerade.

I must really admit the invite was really tastefully done however there was a mystery attached to it. It gave only the theme, date, place and time. Wow I haven’t being to social gathering since the passing of my mother. So I welcomed the invite, it didn’t bother me that there is not much info. I guess cos I knew the place I felt comfortable.

On the day I took a very long bath dosed myself with perfume and took my mask drove there. Time was 19H30 for 19H00 so I arrived there a few minutes later.

As i walked through the door I realized the age group of other patrons, they were middle aged and I wondered now for was the party for. Only to find that is for a 43 year young person. Hey she was so excited jumping all over the show. Wow really!!! A theme party for this old person, I realized how old I am now for theme parties.

I thought it was some charity event of some sort. Well I eventually enjoyed myself as I met new people, did a bit of networking good for my business though. Guess what the invites were designed and printed from my shop how oblivious I was to my surrounding.

The party was epic.

When I 1st arrived in …………

My appointment was for 11 am the following day and it was 3 o’clock in the afternoon. I just got off a bus and there I was in a strange town with people speaking a different language. Yep I just stood there with my bag and for the first time it only dawned on me that I do not have a place to sleep tonight. I sat outside the building watching people going up and down, looked at some taxi drivers however could not summon enough courage to ask them if they knew a place i could sleep overnight.

I sat for like 30 minutes thinking about my current dilemma. I stood up and looked again at the building this time I noticed that it tourist information center. I looked at the time and smiled to myself, walked into the building and I saw her sitting on her desk busy on her phone. Opened the door to her and she acknowledged me by nodding her head. I then waited for her to finish on her call. I looked around the office,noticed pamphlets and went over to them as I was about to pick up one, she finished on her call and stepped over to me and ask how I was cos I looked a bit frazzled. Yeah I was frazzled cos I didn’t have a place to sleep tonight being in a strange town and all that. Told her my predicament she smiled and asked me why was in town and I told her I had an appointment for 11 o’clock tomorrow for a business. I was going to present my business to the other big player in the industry. She was a bit curious however she respected my wish not to divulge the info.

I was honest with her from the on set. It was my first time there, don’t know much about the company that I am about to enter into business with except what I had on paper from the internet. She made  tea and she we sat down and she put a closed sign on the door. She told me about the town in general and the company itself. She said I’ll be fine and she will find me a place to sleep next to the company and shops. Her info helped me to prepare my presentation to them. It really beefed my presentation.

After our chat she made a few phone calls and she returned to me with a piece of paper to me. She gave it to me and told me to walk outside I’ll find white car waiting outside, the guy will take me to a lodge and that’s where I’m booked for however long I would like to stay there…

I walked outside found the car waiting indeed for me and the driver took me for a short left around the area and the business I was going to and took me to the lodge. He took my bag in and waited for me to be booked in before leaving. He gave me his business card to call him should I need anything. I soon settled in and took a shower now I realized that I didn’t eat for the whole and before I could order there was a knock on the door when I answered it was food. I took them and sat ate on my own.

I slept like a baby that night like I didn’t sleep forever. Needless to say I did the present and walked out with a signed and sealed business deal. When I walked out of the building was no longer a stranger I was now part of the community. I became a big part of that community for year. I was indeed one of them and I am still part of them.

Lesson for the day was you are a stranger cos you allow yourself to be one.

Employer or employee

I know companies have to empower their employees however removing them from their payroll system and putting them again under a company name I don’t think that’s empowering.

Several companies have applied this strategy however there is some disadvantages attached to that. 1st their loyal long time employee is not empowered in business skills, people skills and human resources. Another thing is this people are now faced with challenges that the company was facing in running that particular department however the employees were not aware of.

For an example if their employee was in the distribution department now he has to deal with issue of supplier delivering the urgent stock late. He has to rush to get the supply to the client abusing his employees along the way cos he has to cut costs. He is now faced with phone calls from client with regard to wrong stock or incomplete stock. He is now faced with maintenance of said truck bought 2nd hand and because he is only starting out now he has to the truck himself. Staff obviously he will take experienced staff with their problems cos the company could not provide an alternate option for them.

If it was creating jobs why can’t let the now empowered employee hire their own staff. Or even better give him the option of acquiring the assets needed to start the company from somewhere else instead of taking over the problems the company always had.

Another challenge is that the said empowered employee can never offer his or her services to other people in the industry. They have a contract with their former employer and only them. My question is when will the empowered employee now become a fully fledged entrepreneur you know independent? Never. Companies empowering employees must also assist in helping them acquire the necessary skills to run a business.

How does he pay tax, as an individual or company? Seriously we need to assist in that SMME market. There is a serious gap and I don’t think there is enough help offered there.

Age ain’t nothing but a number I guess

I remember R Kelly singing something about age being just a number or something to that effect.

Is it really just a number?

What does it mean really?

Does it translates into something worthwhile?

Do one need to be concerned about it?


There is always comment of some sort where there is age gap involved regarding a relationship between two consenting adults. What is you feeling exactly regarding it.

One lady when asked why she is dating a young buck she said “oh I didn’t change his diaper so I’m really concerned with how young he is”. Wow that is some answer ne? But when a man does exactly the same thing he is hailed as a hero. Why is that?

Most of the relationships with young guys never end well and it becomes an issue if you have a son. Look what happened with Oscar and Reeva, sad ain’t it? There’s Kelly and Senzo another tragedy.

Is it love or lust? I think it 1st starts as an experiment and as time goes on it develops into something rather hectic I must say. These young bucks they can be really romantic than the old toppies out there. Their skills are out of this world I tell you, their are well mannered by all means however I can’t shake the feeling that we corrupt this young minds by getting involved with them in the 1st place. How would you feel when somebody else dates your young boy? Will he still be that respectful as he used to be? I mean he’s getting used to seeing a an old body (I mean wrinkles and all). Will he still find his peers still attractive? Or will he think that they are naive, inexperienced? I don’t know hey. Oh is it a question of being a teacher to the young buck?

True they are very attractive, very charming, yo gorgeous, have bodies to die for (those abs) and confidence is galore. Most of them are metro sexual. For some is all about numbers for them. They want to be spoilt by sugar mamas. I think some end up falling in love for real. Older women are matured with curves at the right place, they know what they want, can be very cunning and sly. Some do create best of men out of this boys whereas some create monsters for real. It depends on how you view it as long as at the end of the day there is something positive or negative comes of out of it.