Why blog?

Lets just say since 2008 my life changed drastically that I even moved and relocated to another province. Starting out without your family is very difficult indeed. I was miles and miles away from my family and friends. Had to start new everything there but as a matter of fact survival of the fittest always supersedes everything else. My intention was to write a journal however somebody actually one of my daughters, a journalist herself suggested blogging. My daughter always loved reading my motivations for my application whenever she visited me at work. Somehow I became the narrator between the stakeholders and clientele. I should have listened to my English teacher then when he said I should go for journalism however could not afford to.

Yes I do enjoy reading very much, it became part of me without it I am lost.

As the years progressed things became more challenging and I started choosing my wars carefully, prioritizing them. It became tough and tougher. I first lost my older brother, then my mother. My sister also followed in the same year as my uncle. It has become for me to deal with death and funerals. However life goes and it has to go on, no matter what.

Blogging became a form of escaping for me. I wander in blogging instead of wandering the streets, walking aimlessly. Blogging is where home is. I would recommend blogging to anyone at any time.


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